Run by the same family for over half a century, the Olympic bar occupies the ground floor of an old town-house, situated in a corner of the sleepless Xaghra square. Surrounded by modern bars and restaurants, the brief was to create a slightly modernized rustic interior, using natural local materials and addressing whilst reflecting the spirit of the bar`s previous style.

This was achieved by lying bare all the structure; bringing to life hidden materials and details; treating and applying modern finishing to existing details. Through an intelligent organization of space, and carefully considered color / texture contrasts, the scheme displays a rustic warm interior, with a light autumnal palette. Lighting from a variety of direct and indirect sources brings this scheme to life, exposing patterns and emphasizing the diverse material textures, conveying a sense of modern Mediterranean serenity

Formerly a renowned old coffee bar, the 115 square meters (1237 square feet) site had to undergo considerable structural renovations in order to become a 60 cover restaurant. The external structure was left untouched and most of the internal walls were demolished, except for four central support columns. These are the anchor and heart of the whole space, holding together an interesting hidden structure of timber beams and stone arches. Amidst and facing the main entrance is the bar, clad in a mix of rough black stone and natural stained tulip wood. This combination creates a matching material gradient to the richly textured hammered limestone walls and rubble wall details which wrap most of the interior space.

Centrally located the bar controls both main and rear entrance, enjoying a 180 degree view of the whole space. A tight passage way connects the bar to the restaurant area and running along this irregular building line, patrons are seated on tricolored banquettes, fabricated in synthetic leather. With a mixture of earthly hues of chocolate brown, burnt mustard, burgundy and cream, they define and frame the dining and bar areas. These are paired with dark stained timber tables together with the original chairs, restored to regain their lost splendor.