Contemporary restaurant Las Olas (the waves) is a perfect example of simplicity and clean lines. The rectilinear 95 square meters (1,023 square foot) space occupies the ground floor of two former boat houses; the restaurant enjoys the harbor view in the Menqa area, located slightly off centre the touristy town of Marsalforn, in a hot spot area for restaurants and bars.

Meeting the client`s practical requirements, the restaurant covers 58 square meters (625 square foot) accommodating up to 35 covers (internal) and 65 covers (external); the kitchen is spread over 37 square meters (399 square foot), and a 1000 bottle wine storage facility . This was achieved by placing the kitchen in the west garage, taking full advantage for the dining area. A service hatch connects the kitchen to the bar and restaurant area. The wine wall creates a dramatic first impression as it is directly facing the main entrance

Deep and narrow the interior is formed by clean and flowing lines. Bright natural light floods the interior space from the large glaze frontage. This opening is the only access route running from the restaurant`s entrance to the restroom, covered with printed wood floor tiles, covering also the extruded east wall. This was the solution for the angled entrance, slightly bent outwards facing the east wall. Forming a horizontal L-shaped backdrop facing the entrance, this tile clad, consisting of elongated rectangular wood printed tiles, envelopes the whole space emitting a sense of embracing warmth. The remainder of the restaurant is detailed and stark. The west wall is constructed with reversed polished plywood-clad joining the main entrance and bar, covering the whole wall. Undulating lines forming wavy patterns cover the end east wall, camouflaging the entrance of the restroom. Created to give a sense of movement within an enclosed space this continuous white glossy wavy shape flows uninterrupted through all the restroom walls, flowing in and out, connected to the main ceiling. Irregularly placed, suspended polished metal corrugated panels dominate the main ceiling, creating a sense freshness, cleanliness and movement.

The simplicity of the interior space is emphasized and enhanced by subtle discreet lighting effects. These particular effects were introduced to mainly highlight perspective and enhance the sense of internal proportions. Installed at two different heights, parallel to each other, concealed L- shaped lighting wraps the whole dining area. Within the plywood wall-paneling, facing west, concealed lighting emits a diffuse light projected downwards onto the printed wood effect floor tiles. On the opposite side, concealed high behind the extruded tile clad, light is projected upwards towards the metal sheeting also embossing the exposed limestone texture. By night, simple square shaped ceiling lights fixed high above, not to detract the perspective view, radiate a warm, diffuse dim yellow general light, creating an irregular glowing reflection above the surface of the polished corrugated sheeting.