Established in 1897, originally a coffee shop, `Diamond Jubilee` long enjoys its position, centrally located in the busy square of Xaghra.
The design brief was crystal clear. The core concept was pretty simple. The idea was to combine traditional and modern, integrating modern details within the classic setting; wrapping every surface with a modern fresh skin whilst keeping the classical forms; Modern, young and daringly trendy, the `Diamond` stands distinguished amidst a suffocating conservative community.

`Feminine is the color of the ‘diamond’ designed to withstand time and oppose the constant force of local conservatism`.

Approaching the main entrance, decorated with a simplified triangular pattern symbolizing diamonds, the restored original main door gives a hint of what comes inside. As you enter, the interior displays an open space of 35 square meters (377 square foot), incorporating the bar. Wearing a complete 3 millimeter metal armor, the bar / back bar, with its glossy surface finish, reflects much of the surroundings and is one of the most interesting details.

This area forms a perfect geometrical space, neighbored by an elongated rectangular area leading to the restrooms and kitchen, set at the rear back. Surrounded by a halo of light, the bar area is wrapped in glittery wall paper, with a weathered gold background finished with touches of glossy magenta floral patterns, reaching the top bar shelving. Slightly higher than the standard eye level, this idea was created to divide the high head room using two different material and textures. The outcome was a funky, yet comfortable backdrop to contrast the rough hammered exposed stone, reaching the ceiling, whilst covering with a sense of warmth the dining space underneath. Complementing this proportional division, pyramid shaped interlocking wood clad, in natural wood or white, frame apertures and defines particular recesses. Additionally, semicircular chrome caps were applied, creating tiny shiny effect.

Some of the most eye-catching details of the diamond are the interlocking perforated ceiling pattern covering the rectangular ceiling and the decorative floating main ceiling radiating with lighting effects. Recessed lighting floods horizontally, facing the original ornate stone cornice, running through the perimeter of the high ceiling, illuminating this particular detail. Programmed to gradually change color over the course of the evening, this lighting effect emits a gradient of diffused hues of magenta, violet, orange, red, blue, yellow and green, allowing the atmosphere to be fully controlled in the absence of natural light. This changing LED lighting protrudes the interior into different moods of pastel shades.