From the main entrance till the upper levels of MAJI, the gradient of materials covering the whole interior space reflect one specific concept; the process of transforming and injecting creativity within a raw material, creating a statement of romance, splendor and style.

“The goal was to shape within a wreck of an old prestigious club a simple yet texturally rich interior, integrating the art of fine dining as the main eclectic experience”

Maji is situated in the heart of Victoria, overlooked by the prominent bastions of the old city, which also make both terraces on the top levels, a must check location. For a large number of years, before the Maji extended revamp, this was a prestigious club, `Circolo Gozitano` officially established in 1913, mainly attended by people of the higher society. To date the committee keeps active with the main aim of safeguarding and promoting Gozo`s identity and traditions fostering the policy of neutrality.

Divided in three levels, Maji`s entrance welcomes all the guests with a carrara white marble narrow staircase, with untreated brushed horizontal wood-clad slats, which lead to a surprising open space incorporating the 100 square meter (1,076.3 square foot) bar and lounge area, surrounded with natural tones, engulfed with subtle lighting effects. It is this amazing open space that creates a stunning wow at first glance but all the details around it are not to be missed: The high headroom and the skylight centrally located covering the bar area; Part of the wall wood-clad material is carried through, connecting the staircase to the upper levels: Part of the walls and the whole ceiling are completely covered in little wood shavings creating tiny streaks of mutating shadows; the bar is wrapped with interlocking waxed cork sheets and most of all, it’s the wine store / display. Medium sized polished white pebbles cover the 15 square meter (161.4 square foot) floor, and with its 1850 wine bottles carefully positioned, this centerpiece attracts with amazement the attention of every individual.

Sharing the same level, the lounge is one elongated rectangular space with high headroom structured with wooden beams. The walls have been horizontally divided using two materials / effects; the brushed stone blocks were left exposed whilst the lower level was covered with deep maroon plastered concrete sheets. This is a multifunctional space, used mainly as a lounge but also for exhibitions, conferences, and related private functions.

Nestled on an upper level rising above the bar and lounge area, the restaurant is a striking pure white space, with white crockery and light bamboo chairs, contrasted only by the lavish deep blue carpet emblazoned with the Maji insignia, covering all the 50 square meter (538.2 square foot) floor area. This space is the chef’s playing field, his whiteboard for fine dining creativity, where food is transformed and served to offer a sublime palate experience. Carefully planned to the deepest details, catered to exhibit the variety of the fine dining cuisine within a perfect habitat, the restaurant is the fulcrum of the whole establishment.

During the warm seasons, fine dining is extended to the top levels of Maji. North and East facing, both terraces create a quiet and romantic open-air backdrop for the fabulous sunset views of the gozitan landscape

Maji Wine & Dine has been awarded:

For 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and